Graduates of the SDSU Homeland Security program may request an email forwarder. Your alumni email address will forward all email to an existing email account that you own. To clarify, you will not login to the alumni email address at all. The benefit is that you can maintain your affiliation with the SDSU HSEC program and enjoy the benefits of an .edu email address forwarded to your permanent email account (you will enter on the next screen).

The mailbox username is the part that appears in front of It is recommended that you use some variation of your name with optional periods. For example: is the same as

This service is provided without fee and voluntarily. Postmaster has final decision on usernames assigned. Although unforeseen, this service may malfunction or cease operation. All reasonable efforts will be made to keep you informed of the service's status but no expectation of uptime, reliability, or performance is provided or should be implied. Emails processed through this service may contain viruses, worms, trojans, or phishing attempts (just like any other email service). Any misuse of your HSEC Alumni email address will result in immediate termination of your account. You agree to hold San Diego State University and everyone connected to the HSEC program harmless and indemnify them against any and all legal actions resulting from or involving these email forwarding services. Limit 1 email address per alumnus. RED ID is subject to verification with the SDSU Registrar's Office.